We supply graphene sheet and 2D material products.

AirMembrane Corporation

AirMembrane Corporation

AirMembrane Corporation realizes the dream of graphene properties.


Corporation Name AirMembrane Corporation
108 Sogyou Plaza, Tsukuba Center 2-1-6 Sengen,
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0047, Japan
TEL:+81-29-869-6551 / FAX:+81-29-869-6552
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Date of Establishment
Organization President and representative director: Yoshinori Koga
Director: Masataka Hasegawa
Capital 5,000,000yen
Special mention AIST Start-ups


We supply graphene sheet and 2D material products.

Business purpose

We offer products with high electric conductivity, high thermal conductivity and flexible properties of graphene and 2D materials. These products contribute to improving the quality of life in the fields of electronics, medical, environment, safety and information technology.

Technical contents

We synthesize products with a large surface area and a high quality graphene. We also produce 2D materials and develop graphene and other 2D material products. We have the leading technology of high throughput for graphene CVD and the fine control of graphene layers.

Products and Service

High quality, flexibility and large surface area graphene sheets
Graphene sheets : A4 size, 10x10cm2, 1x1cm2
Graphene/PET, Graphene/Glass, Graphene/Si substrate
Graphene TEM Grids
Single/Bilayer graphene TEM grid (Material: Mo, Au)
We also offer graphene TEM grids that have been hydrophilized.
UV irradiation unit for hydrophilicity
Hydrophilization with bilayer graphene TEM grid can form a very thin and uniform layer of ice.
Graphene devices
Ultra-high sensitivity gas and liquid sensors, optical and magnetic sensors of graphene, touch panel, OEL applications
Other applications
Heat spreader, heater, capacitor/battery, solar cell

We provide quality that satisfies customers.


AirMembrane Products

Transparent conductive film in
A4 size and double layers of graphene
Raman spectrum of single layer graphene

Characteristics and Applications

Products Characteristics Purpose
  • Graphene sheet
  • A4, 10 cm square and
    1 cm square size
  • Single layer graphene
  • Double layer graphene
  • Graphene devices
  • Graphite thin film
  • We respond to other sizes and requests for transfer onto various substrates
  • High speed deposition
  • Large surface area deposition
  • Mass production
  • High quality
  • High mobility
  • Transparent conductive film
  • Organic Electro-Luminescence
  • TEM grid
  • Sensors
  • Touch panels
  • Thermal management
  • etc.

Applications of Graphene

High mobility:High speed transitors,Sensors
High thermal conductity:Heat spreader,High speed heaters
Transparency:Flexible displays,Touch panels
Ultra-high sensivility:Gas sensors, Liquid sensors,Odor sensors,Taste sensors,Infrared sensors
Ultra-high sensitivity:Solar cells, Batteries,Capacitors
Barrier properties:Gas barriers
Lightweight and high strength:Automobile, Aircraft components
AirMembrane Corporation


New release of graphene field effect transistor FR01.

Realization of FET with auto-transferred graphene


The 77th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Microscopy
Venue: Tsukuba International Congress Center
Cryo graphene TEM grids, UV irradiation unit for hydrophilicity, etc. are exhibited.

AirMembrane Corporation is introduced in the latest information on research and technology at TCI.

Significant progress in automating transfer of graphene to various substrates for the use of graphene electronic devices is announced.

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